About Mary Beth

Mary Beth is a thought leader on empowering kids, teens, & women to live their best life physically, mentally, and spiritually.
She has written for various magazines and her company Radiate Wellness was voted one of the best new wellness companies.
She was in the hustle and bustle of of the NYC fashion industry for over 20 years. She owned a top fashion wholesale company. Building some of the top brands in the industry. She sold everyone from Soul Cycle, Peloton, Shopbop & Intermix.
Than came the transformation. She did the work physically, mentally and spiritually. She went to a Chopra retreat in Amelia Island., FL. Her spiritual journey started and she transformed her life.
Mary Beth created a whole new way of being with Meditation and Ayurveda. She is a Meditation and Health Coach, Hormone Health Expert, and Sisterhood Circle Facilitator.
Through her work as Co-Founder of Radiate Wellness Products, she created and launched a hormone product line to aid women as they navigate perimenopause and menopause in a clean, holistic manner.
As a Co-Founder, Co-Host and Speaker of the Women’s Wellness Fest, Mary Beth has empowered hundreds of women each year through orchestration of all-day events that feature experts in yoga, meditation and other wellness and healing modalities to empower, nurture and rejuvenate women’s minds, bodies and souls.
In addition, she created and launched Mindful Movement, a program that teaches children, teens and women to tap into their self-awareness to lead a more meaningful, fulfilled life through age-appropriate workshops, coaching, activities and mediation in high schools, companies and at retreats.
One of Mary Beth’s many accomplishments is authoring a children’s book, I Have Superpowers, which helps kids tap into their breath and learn emotional self-regulation.
Her mission is to teach kids, teens, and women they have all the tools they need to have a more meaningful life!